Friday, 1 February 2013

Only 3 weeks to go

Over the last month a lot has happened.  It's hard to believe but our assignment begins 3 weeks from now. 

All the logistics of our assignment are arranged by ABV ( Australian Business Volunteers ) 

ABV works with the IBM CSC program to identify potential clients that will benefit most from the IBM CSC program, and work with the clients to select us as best they can based on matching skills with clients requirements.  It is up to us then to utilize our skills and expand our skills as best we can too, to work as a group and to contribute to other teams as well, to deliver best solutions to our clients. Last week we received details of our assignments. We're split into 3 teams. I am working with Victor, Nitin and Trupty.

Through ABV my flights have been arranged and paid for. Unlike other IBM travel, no need to pay using my own credit card and expense later.

Visa Application:
I successfully applied for my 60 day Single Entry Business Visa to Indonesia. There is no Indonesian Embassy in Ireland, so I had to send my application to the embassy in London.

I had to include a completed application form,  my passport, 1 passport photo, 2 sponsor letters - 1 from IBM and 1 from Client in Indonesia (ABV supplied both these letters), Bank account statement to show I had sufficient funds to look after myself in Indonesia (no idea how much sufficient is, but I must have had enough), £35 Sterling Draft Visa fee +£10 Sterling to cover cost of return postage.

Unlike some who had to go back to their embassies more than once, thankfully it was successful first time for me

For 4 weeks we'll be staying in Magnolia Bed and Breakfast

The adventure begins....
On Thursday 21st February the adventure begins.  Flying via Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur, arriving in Jakarta Fri 22nd. We have 2 nights in Jakarta, visiting the IBM Indonesia office for meet and greet and security briefing followed by dinner on Sat 23rd. The next day, Sunday,  we travel to Bandung to be ready to meet with our clients on the Monday

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